Financial Information

Tuition Fees cover all school classes and activities, use of technology, books and materials and cultural excursions (once per semester). Full Boarding Fees also include full room and board, weekend trips, and transfers to and from Karlovy Vary (KLV) and Prague (PRG) Airport on designated travel days; and are available to Day Students at an additional fee.

Fees do not cover uniforms, pocket money, private lessons, personal coaches, dry cleaning, individual medical/travel insurance, personal travel, transfers to airport on non-designated travel days, and similar expenses of a personal nature. Learning support, assessments, and counseling sessions are billed separately. Students are required to provide their own Apple MacBook Laptop purchased in the last two years, or purchase a new laptop from CIS.

Acceptance and entrance constitute a contract to pay the entire tuition for the academic year. There is no reduction or refund for absence, withdrawal or dismissal. Deposits are not refundable, and are due upon acceptance. The balance is due by July 15, 2016 unless previous arrangements have been made with the Admissions Department. No refunds will be made after this date. Carlsbad International School reserves the right to increase or change its tuition rates and fees without prior notice, upon approval by the Governing Board, in accordance with cost of living, international exchange rates and ongoing development projects.

The Carlsbad International School together with LIFE LONG KNOWLEDGE CENTRE LTD. reserve the right to dismiss a student at any time. In this case, the entire payment for that School Year is retained. Any future School Year fees will be refunded. Additional costs related to dismissal from the school, e.g. fees incurred for changing plane tickets and transport to the airport, are the responsibility of the student’s family. False or incomplete information given may also result in dismissal. The Carlsbad International School together with LIFE LONG KNOWLEDGE CENTRE LTD. does not take responsibility for the loss or damage of any personal possessions of the students.


Please make your payment to Carlsbad International School’s parent organization


14 Hanover Street, 3rd Floor, London, W1S 1YH,


Account: LV47AIZK0000010395296