Application Procedure

The Five-Stage Application Process

Stage One – Application Form

Complete the application form in this booklet or submit the application online at

Stage Two – Supporting Documentation

  • School Transcripts: Transcripts or school reports from the last two academic years. Plus progress reports for the current year (as soon as available). Note that all non-English transcripts should be translated into English (unless otherwise indicated by the Admissions Office).
  • Recommendations: English and Math teacher recommendations and counselor recommendation (Use forms in this booklet or online process)
  • Passport: A copy of the applicant’s passport, including pages indicating the passport number, expiration date, and place of issue. If the student has dual nationality, please send a copy of the primary passport used for travel and visa purposes. Please make sure the passport is valid for at least 6 months after the end date of the academic year.
  • Passport-Style Photo: One digitally-scanned, passport-style photo.
  • Short Questions & Essay: The chosen essay should be 300 words long and hand-written.

Stage Three – English Test (for non-native English speakers)

Non-native English speakers must complete an online English test. The Admissions Office will send the applicant a link for the test.

Stage Four – Application Fee

Pay € 200 (euro) application fee.
Please go to our e-shop.This fee is not reimbursable.

Stage Five – Interview

An interview with a member of the Admissions Office and/or Head Of School is required. This can be in-person, via Skype or by telephone. After the applicant has completed the steps 1-4, the Admissions Office will contact him/her to arrange the interview.

Note that a visit to CIS and in-person interview are not required. However, we welcome applicants and parents to visit CIS to familiarize themselves with our school.

Please send materials to:
Carlsbad International School / Admissions Office
Czech Republic, Karlovy Vary 360 01, Slovenská 477/5
(or email scanned copies to