Application Procedure

Stage 1: Arrange a Visit (optional) 

Stage 2: Application Form and supporting documentation 

An offer of a place at the Carlsbad International School cannot be confirmed until we are in receipt of all of the following documentation, unless extenuating circumstances prevail (please contact the Admissions Office directly if this should be the case). 

1. Application Form: This should be filled in and signed by the person responsible for the student’s education. 

2. Application Fee: There is a € 200 application fee which is non-returnable, payable when the Application Form is submitted. This can be paid in cash, online by credit card or by bank transfer. 

3.Teacher Recommendations: These should be completed by the Math & English Teachers and the School Counselor/Administrator. If for any reason it is not possible to obtain one or several of these recommendations please contact our Admissions Office to request an alternative recommendation form. 

4. Student’s passport: A copy including pages indicating the passport number, expiry date and place of issue should be submitted (if a dual national, please send a copy of the primary passport used for travel and visa purposes). 

5. School Transcripts: These should be submitted for the last 2 academic years as well as progress reports for the current year of studies as and when they become available 

6. Student Essay: The chosen essay should be at least 300 words long and hand written. The essay should be submitted at the same time as the completed and signed application form. 

Stage 3: Interviews 

An Interview with a member of the Admissions team is necessary for non-native English speakers and in certain circumstances with the Head of School or Academic Director. 

Stage 4: Acceptance 

Once a student’s file is complete the Admissions Committee will meet to make a final acceptance decision. This decision will be conveyed to the student within 14 working days from receipt of a full file, and following an interview when necessary. If a student is accepted to CIS an acceptance and enrollment package will be sent by postal service and/or electronically if requested. 

The package will include: 

1. Acceptance Letter

2. Tuition Invoice

3. Enrollment Contract

4. Academic Information & School Handbook

5. Other Information relative to Orientation

N.B. Positive written confirmation, a signed contract, as well as payment of at least the enrollment deposit is required to guarantee a student’s place at CIS. 

Stage 5: Passports, Permits and Visas 

CIS will take care of Residence Permits for non-Czech residents, but cannot obtain Visas on students’ behalf: this must be done by parents. Visas are not required for students holding passports from Western Europe and Japan. For other countries, the Admissions Office is happy to advise. Further information is also available on the Czech Federal Office for Migration website, (in English). Where a Czech visa is required, the student must submit an application for a multi-entry visa by the beginning of June at the latest to the CzechEmbassy or Consulate in their own country. Please note that visas can take up to 10 weeks to process. In addition, students of nationalities other than those above should arrive in September with a multi-entry Schengen visa, valid through to at least the end of the Autumn term, which enables them to take part in the Cultural programme. 

Stage 6: Payment 

For students starting at CIS in August, we will send an invoice for the fees, payable by 1st June. For students starting at other times of the year, the fees are payable prior to the student’s arrival.